Little Beasts Brewing Company

Lux Limo is proud to have Little Beasts participate in our local, private Craft Beer Limo Tours, an exciting new local trend.

Little Beasts is a fun destination craft brewery in Whitby, Ontario.

Come check out the fine brew, menu, merchandise and tap room and you’ll see why Little Beasts was chosen to be part of Lux Limo's Brewery Tours.

Why Little Beasts? First... The Beer!

Little Beasts has a regular rotation of  high quality IPA’s, APA’s, Stouts and Saisons that blend experimentation and cutting edge innovation.

Mountain Devil, a west coast Style IPA or Pinion this time with a slightly bigger hop kick. It is super smooth going down!

"Birds of Feather" is a collaboration with Butchies in Whitby and “@beerdiversity”. It’s a Neapolitan milk stout, a perfect blend of raspberry, cacao and vanilla beans.

Check out the latest offerings here:

Tap and Tasting Room

The event room brewery is warm the beer is cold and the games are waiting.

Whether you are on a brewery tour or simply looking for a new way to quench your thirst and socialize with friends, come see this family friendly Tap Room. 

From pizza and board games to yoga and beer therapy you’ll be glad you came. 
Joy is Aim!

Come see what’s in the fridge right now!

Get info on our Pizza, Beer and Board Games nights at

Brewery Tour Bookings!

There are so many local craft breweries in the Durham area, why not check them out?

Connect with your local community and go on a memorable Lux Limo tour featuring at Little Beasts.

At each brewery you will receive sample beer flights and a brewery tour.

Let one of our chauffeurs take you on a fun filled odyssey to 75 Forbes Street in Whitby, and try our high end ales and tasty menu. Most importantly try samples!

Compare and contrast  with our good friends on the the brewery’s tour on the list here. Let your palette be your guide.

 Pick two other local purveyors of unique breweries and make a date with us!

Lux Limo brewery tours combine great beer and great times and are ideal for birthdays, work functions, bachelorette parties or just a good old-fashioned night on the town. Contact us now.