Show Cadillac Stretch Limo

Show Cadillac Stretched Limo

Show Cadillac Stretched Limousines in Oshawa, Toronto, GTA and Central Ontario

The exterior has a high quality two tone contrasting copper and black paint job with matching copper and black Cadillac rims.

You are sure to get noticed when riding around in our Show Cadillac Stretch Limo.

The real beauty and flash are on the interior of the vehicle.

When you step inside and see the interior matching the exterior then sit on the ultra-comfortable copper and black leather seats, you know who have chosen the right vehicle to roll up to the club.

From Anniversary Parties, to a Night Out at the Club

Our Show Cadillac Stretch Limo is perfect for bachelor parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, sporting events, a night out at the clubs, or even the perfect back drop for a music video.

Comfortably seats 6 people with plenty of leg room.

With many years in the business, the Cadillac brand has been known for not trading the flashiness of their vehicles for the comfort of their vehicles, you get both and an amazing sound system.