Manantler Brewery Tours

Producing fine ale from Bowmanville Ontario, Manantler Craft Brewery Co. have created over 70 unique brews to date and they’re not slowing down.

Weekly events range from Live Music to Beer Yoga in our tasting room.

Great Tasting Palate Expanding Brew!

Try their adventurous creation such as...

Seismic Narwhal Imperial IPA at 8.5% ABV is a beer of epic proportion! With the many different hops put into this brew it formulates an explosive taste experience with every mouthful. As soon as the auburn liquid gold hits your taste buds it is as if a volcano of flavour erupted and the only thing you can do is get ready for the ride.


Also try

Liquid swords… an intense juxtaposition of smooth malt backing and a hop-forward finish


Roberta blondar… a very crisp, refreshing and easy drinking blonde ale. It is Summery with subtle notes of citrus.

Wondering what we have in the fridge? Visit the bottle/tap list at:

Limo Brewery Tours

Lux Limo is proud to have Manantler Craft Brewery Co. take part in local, private Limo Brewery Tours.

What better way to spend time with your friends, families or coworkers, and explore the fine craft breweries in the region.

The tours are also an excellent way to entertain out of town guests, wedding or bachelorettes or just for a great TGIF party.