Sawdust City Brewing Company Tours

The Sawdust City Brewing company produces fine traditional ales and lager from the gateway to Muskoka.

Where the railways and lumber yards once thrived an array of high end brew is now produced.

Dedicated to creating exceptional craft beers they focus on local sustainable all-natural products.

Their fully- stocked bar features wine, spirits, cider, gluten-free brews and single malt scotch.

Although high quality is their trademark, as their labels express, beer should be fun!

Their ever-popular Mountain & the Leprechaun just returned. (

Check out their array of beer options here:

Tap Room and Tours

Their tap Room features a bar milled from a 100-year-old naturally felled pine tree to honour the long history of logging in Muskoka.

The Bar Inside The Brewery!

Sawdust City’s spacious Saloon can host up to 60 people and features 12 draught lines, tasting flights, mug club, and tutored tastings.

Brewery tours are available Saturdays and Sundays, and our Lux-Limo’s brewery tours are taking off in popularity.

Lux-Limo Private Brewery Tour

Book the Lux-Limo Private Brewery Tour today and try Sawdust City’s high-end brew! These tours designed with you for maximum fun for you and your friends, family or co-workers.