Transit Stretch Limo

Ford Transit Stretch

Ford Transit Stretch Limo Available from Lux Limo in Oshawa, ON

While our Ford Transit Stretch Limo looks like one of the sleek and discreet standard Ford Transit and can blend in discreetly at any event, we assure you that this is no ordinary delivery vehicle.

The only thing our Ford Transit Stretch Limo is delivering is an appropriate time with all the comforts and technology you can come to expect from a limousine, and of course, we will deliver you and your guests safely to your destination.

Go out with work friends, have a business meeting, pickups from the airport, winery tour, beer tour, weddings, proms, graduations, anniversaries, birthday parties, or going to a sporting event, the Ford Transit Stretch Limo is always appropriate choice for you and your guests.

We have done an excellent job of using some of that spaciousness for all the latest gadgets to give you a smart and enjoyable ride.